Erin O'Neill

by Erin O'Neill

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released December 19, 2014

All tracks written, performed, and produced by Erin O'Neill, except "This Way" which was written by Megan Ashlock and Erin O'Neill



all rights reserved


Erin O'Neill Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Red Light
I wanna do it, do it
Let it burn and move on
I’ll take it, take it
Turn your back and I’m gone
Leave a wake so you know that I was there
Cut the cord cuz I’m coming up for air

Well hurry up and wait
Are we ever gonna get out of this place?
I’m racing to a red light

Under pressure, pressure
Shake me up and I’ll blow
I’m feeling, feeling
Hot enough to explode
Fan the flames, let the heat drip down your lips
I’m reaching out for you with fire behind my kiss
Track Name: This Way
If you’re gonna leave
Don’t leave this way
Shrug and say, “good bye”
Our riverbed now bone dry
Cautioned I was wrong
No battle won without a sword drawn
We delicately dance
Around history and our happiness

In your eyes,
I’m leaving on a fast train, running
That’s taking me to nowhere
Six feet under
Your life with me would leave you
But I’m not gonna make you choose

If you’re gonna leave
Don’t leave this way
Tell me that we tried
And we’re best when not contrived
A challenge not to change
Our simple love now gives way
To annexes of fear
My made up face now runs smeared

And how can you say
You don’t need me that way
If you want it all, you gotta hang around to get it
Our fears remain
The cause of our pain
If you’re gonna leave
Don’t leave this way
Track Name: Last Word
That ache
In my heart
Is no metaphor
And that shock
That runs through my chest
Is so real
And my stomach hasn’t felt right
Since we ended it
How can you fluster me
From so far away

We don’t speak
But if we did
I know just what you’d say
You thought that I never cared anyway

I sleep
To escape
The possibility of seeing you
And I dream
With hopes of dreaming up
Somebody new
I stayed too long
Cuz I just had to try
To make it work
In spite of all the hurt
In our eyes

My love, my love, my love, my love
I still feel you in my bones
And all I’m asking of you now
Is to be left alone
Leave me alone

We parted so we could stop hurting
But I don’t think that it’s working
Cuz you still compel me and overwhelm me
Just like you did 3 years ago

This is my last word.
Track Name: Way To Lose You
I wanna get past this past
And leave you there
Please don’t touch me
Cuz it’s not fair
I wanna believe that
You meant what you said
And that I’m not foolish
Or being mislead

I covered your weakness
With kisses and more
Now all the pieces
Are sharp on the floor
I wanna believe that
This isn’t my fault
That this dependence
Has come to a halt

After that night
I didn’t cry
Because tears don’t come
After so many tries
And you pushed me away
So that I had to pray for
A way to lose you without losing myself

Is this what you wanted
Emotional drought
Sabotage is
An easy way out
And I couldn’t help you
As hard as I tried
You couldn’t see the
Love I supplied

You were heavy
For my body to bear
So don’t call me
Cuz it’s not fair
I wanna believe that
I can move on
Take back the pieces
And futures forgone
Track Name: So Sad
I can't focus
I can't fix my eyes
I'm not listening
I'm not even trying
No motivation
I only want
To talk to you
Just to see
How you are
Just to see

We're just kids
Pretending to be
Grown up
Now I'm sleepwalking through life
And I can't wake up
It's a long way to fall
From a pedestal that high
And I'm still falling
I'm still falling

I'm so sad
Track Name: Interluding
There’s no weight in my words
In the throes of the wake
That I make
To affect you
For affection
When the world’s in shadows, shadows of the truth
When my world’s in shadows, shadows of what’s true
In the back of my mind
I know it’s a lie
And I wake up and find
That I was never there
Track Name: Weight Of My Words
It's treason to tell you
What's on my mind
Now that my mistakes
Are out to dry
While you explained
That I was breaking your heart
All my defenses
Fell completely apart

The weight of my words
Is heavy through
All of the good
That I was trying to do
The weight of my words
Is pulling my further away

The timelines in your mind
Leave me dry
And all the more wondering
If this is right
Just love me for free
But do I affect you
Like you affect me?

The weight of my words
Is heavy through
All of the good
That I was trying to do
The weight of my words
Is pulling my further away

I love you
On the tip of my tongue
As I held your weepy head
I love you
Overflowing my heart
As I sat with you instead
Instead of turning to stone
Angry and cold
Distant and afraid
I was surprised to be softened
But I can't fix your broken heart

The weight of my words
Is heavy through
All of the good
That I was trying to do
The weight of my words
Is pulling my further away
Track Name: Give You Up
I’m going down
Without a sound and
You keep beginning to begin

Keep what you found
From off the ground
We’re never guaranteed a win

Never gonna give you up
Not givin up
This lovely life that we livin
And all the years we’ve given
To make it never ending
And though I cry
I can’t deny
It takes some time to get it right

I’m holding down
My business now
Cuz nobody’s makin it but me

No wonder we’re
Still standing here
Somebody’s gotta take the lead
Track Name: SOTM
I heard him singing down the mountain,
“Blessed are the lowly kind,
Salt of the earth, you are the light
So, where you seek you will find.”

“If you’re too worn out to carry
You’re heavy heart inside your chest,
Let me worry about tomorrow,
Here’s a place for you to rest.”

I’ve been poor
And I have mourned
Make peace, peace in me

May my mouth be filled with mercy,
Diamonds and pearls dripping down
My little hands reach out to catch them
So they aren’t crushed into the ground

He made in me
A heart that’s clean
New eyes to see, him clearly